Vamos a la playa – join us for some evening fun in Berlin!

The moment you all have been waiting for has arrived! And trust us, we have been waiting for it too!

Long we thought there was not going to be an evening event this, the 14th edition of our conference. We just couldn’t see how. It actually was a terrible feeling as we know that the evening event where we round off day 1 of the conference, is one of those things that our attendees value the most. To relax after a day of conferencing, have dinner and some fun with that person you tried to chase all day to have a moment to talk to. To make new friends, catch up with dear old ones, and to tie those so important business knots.

Then a series of unforeseen events occurred which made it all possible! Happy faces all around. So what should we cook up this time? Those of you that have visited our conferences before know that we always want to do something more for you all. Good meal and drinks, yes. But also that extra quirky thing, like a special venue, some crazy activity or just something that make you smile.

For example, we have had our events at a playground with go-carts and climbing wall in Stuttgart, a table tennis bar in Chicago, Hockey hall of Fame (!) in Toronto, a Photography Museum in Stockholm or a Science Museum with dinosaurs in Boston.

So, therefore, it’s totally natural for us to invite you to a beach party in Berlin! Yes, you heard right. Beach party.

Welcome to Beach Mitte which is an indoor and outdoor venue with good food and fun games, and an outdoor beach! Enjoy archery at the outdoor bonfire station or challenge your colleague on table football, XXL Jenga or table tennis.

The address is as below and it takes approximately 30 minutes by public transport from the conference venue.

Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 8
10115 Berlin

We start at 19:30 and continue into the night.


Maria Nordin

Maria Nordin

I a new team member of the fantastic Australian company ISW who develops the blockbusters Kudos Apps! My role is to be the "man" (of course woman) in Europe as Business Development & Marketing Manager - Europe. In short I make sure that our European customers are well taken care of and to communicate about our products in Europe. I am a firm believer of human goodness and power and that if we communicate with each other and make an effort to understand each other we automatically will have a better, friendlier and more effective work place. And not forget more FUN! Because that's what it's all about yes? IBM Champion since 2016 and I really like snow, travelling, good food, peace and laughter. And of course Wannes.