IBM Connections: The One Social Layer to Rule Them All

Regardless of whatever Enterprise Social Networking platform you use, there is a great chance something is still missing in your change management program. You know something is just not right. Something isn’t clicking despite all of your digital adaptation initiatives. Oooh and messaging apps like Slack or MSFT Teams are not helping much either! Your #SocBiz journey has gotten stuck and you’re not sure why. Maybe, just may be, it’s the social layer that may have been missing from your #SocBiz journey altogether.

Join us for this rather thought-provoking session where we’ll demonstrate why every ESN platform & Messaging app needs a very specific social layer to make things tick. A layer that can act as the key accelerator towards transforming not only the nature of work within your organisation, but also how people get work done more effectively through social networks and online communities. Join us to learn why IBM Connections is *that* social layer to rule them all.

Management and Adoption
Location: Main Auditorium Date: October 17, 2018 Time: 11:20 am - 11:50 am Luis Suarez