Meet the ALOHA strategy: a Build, Engage, and Outcomes delivery strategy for modern digital experiences and workplaces

The industry is changing – fast. Concurrently, the demand for integrated digital workplaces and web-app digital experiences (DX) for just about every type, use case, or audience is bombarding IT work queues. Regardless of the department, process/purpose, or end-user audience though, the building block requirements for constructing these enterprise Web-apps are all pretty similar. At a minimum, they undeniably all need clean UI/UX design, authentications, connectivity to internal or external corporate directories, security, mobile supports, engagement metrics, group-community features, flexibility for ongoing updates, design and extensibility, and integrations with existing internal apps, systems of record, databases, data lakes or other IT systems. Wow – that is a lot! No wonder CIOs are grappling in 2018, and IT organizations are endlessly falling behind. That, coupled with the pressures for corporate growth and speed creates a dichotomy between platform and serious delivery. Let’s review a holistic platform strategy to finally meet 2018 and beyond web-based digital workplace and DX demands – at an enterprise scale level. Modern technologies are opening new avenues, opportunities, capabilities, and efficiencies for rapid development and delivery.

Location: Main Auditorium Date: October 16, 2018 Time: 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Todd E Miller Simon Vaughan