We found ourselves a palace! Social Connections welcomes you to Vienna and Palais Pallavicini


A palace! Nothing will suit us better than a palace when we return to Europe for our 12th conference. Welcome to Social Connections 12 in Vienna and Palais Pallavicini.

The beautiful city of Vienna is awaiting us with its stunning architecture, good restaurants, chocolate cakes, castles, horses and den schönen blauen Donau.

The venue we have chosen is one of the most stunning ones so far. The fabulous Palais pallavicini which foundation was laid in 1582. Home of a monastery, a count and now the aristocratic Italian family Pallavicini.

Close by you will find hotels, shops, restaurants and public transport. Right in the heart of Vienna.

Find out more about Social Connections 12 in Vienna here!

Register here! Our 2 day release party has begun. 10 tickets for only 99 euro a piece!

Maria Nordin

Maria Nordin

I a new team member of the fantastic Australian company ISW who develops the blockbusters Kudos Apps! My role is to be the "man" (of course woman) in Europe as Business Development & Marketing Manager - Europe. In short I make sure that our European customers are well taken care of and to communicate about our products in Europe. I am a firm believer of human goodness and power and that if we communicate with each other and make an effort to understand each other we automatically will have a better, friendlier and more effective work place. And not forget more FUN! Because that's what it's all about yes? IBM Champion since 2016 and I really like snow, travelling, good food, peace and laughter. And of course Wannes.